How does it work?

With us, selling on the Marketplace is really easy.

How to reach millions of customers?

You supply us with product data and prepare the goods for stock. We take care of everything else. We take care of product listing, logistics and order processing from all MALL GROUP marketplaces. We deal with complaints and returns for you and keep track of stock. You can edit the product information yourself and have access to detailed reporting.
Your goods
You can sell any consumer goods with us. We have a high quality fulfillment center with sufficient capacity for both storage and dispatch of orders. If you have your own warehouse with dispatch, we will connect to your system and you can handle all the logistics yourself. Or we can connect you to a logistics partner you already use.
Prologima takes care of everything that is needed with the sale on Markeplace. We will list the products, upload images, descriptions and translations. We store your goods, dispatch orders and process complaints and returns. We keep track of stock, update the product range, and monitor the competition. We provide detailed reports, help with marketing support.
We currently sell in MALL GROUP e-shops in 5 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. MALL GROUP reaches a market of 66 million inhabitants, the turnover of the MALL Group reached one billion EUR last year. More Marketplaces in the CEE region are in the pipeline and will be available soon!

What exactly awaits you


Product listing

You supply us with product data, we import any electronic formats or connect to the API. We will process, edit and prepare the data for individual marketplaces.


Categories and parameters

For each marketplace, we will assign products to the correct categories. We will fill in the necessary parameters, the more input we receive from you, the easier and more efficiently we will find the products.


Images and media

Quality product images are essential for selling on the internet. We will edit your images and unify their appearance, ensuring proper pairing with products. If available, we will add videos and other marketing materials. For some products, technical information such as energy labels are mandatory.


Price policy

We will set with you the selling prices for the goods and the prices for shipping and handling. We work with price promotions according to various agreed rules. Each Markeplaces has its own pricing policy and may have different prices.


Markeplaces selection

You choose the countries you want to sell in on Markeplace. If you don't have product descriptions in each language, we can provide you with quality translation and the necessary marketing support.


Stacking of goods

You will prepare the goods in our fulfillment center for the start of the sale. If you have your own warehouse including order dispatch, we will connect to your system. We'll set up rules for out-of-stock items - what lead time to order them or if currently out-of-stock items will continue to be offered on Marketplaces.


We start selling

We do all the order processing from Marketplaces for you. Each order is automatically sent to the warehouse and shipped immediately. We also take care of returns and refunds. All complex billing with MALL GROUP is between Prologima and MALL, you only invoice Prologima for the goods sold according to the agreed price terms.


Detailed overview

Each customer has access to detailed statistics for each Marketplaces. The data is updated several times a day. You have an overview of sales, complaints, returns, number of active products and other reports. We can create any customized statistics and reports.


Product administration

Each of our customers has access to the web-based product administration. You can change product data, images, prices or turn products on and off for individual marketplaces.


Marketing support

Because we are paid on commission from your sales, we will do everything we can to make your products as successful as possible. We keep product information up to date and accurate, monitor the competition, and suggest marketing and pricing incentives. We participate in major e-commerce events such as Black Friday.

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Prologima Group s.r.o.
Kaprova 42/14, 110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Prologima Group s.r.o.
Kaprova 42/14, 110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Prologima Group s.r.o.
Kaprova 42/14, 110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
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