You pay a commission on goods sold + a small fee for account management and reporting. The cost of listing goods is individual depending on the quality and quantity of the input product data.

How is the price calculated?

In principle, we distinguish between the sale of goods and the sale of services such as freight and packing. Logistics costs are relatively high and customers expect the lowest possible transport costs and ideally want free shipping. Therefore, Prologima always calculates its commission exclusively on the goods sold and we do not increase your logistics costs further. If you use your own logistics and shipping, of course you do not charge us for such costs and all income from the sale of shipping and handling remains to cover them.

Selling products in the Marketplace

Selling price for goods
- Martketplace commission
- Prologima commission
- Prologima Maintenance
Martketplace commission
The Marketplace takes a commission on the goods sold according to its terms and conditions. The amount of commission varies from 8% to 20% depending on the product range. There is also a fee of 9 CZK per order and possibly a fee for dealing with complaints and returns. The cost of specific marketing support is charged separately and is usually not calculated on the volume of goods sold.
Prologima commission
Prologima takes an agreed commission from the sale price for all the services it provides to you. This includes in particular the processing of all orders, returns and complaints. We keep track of stock, update the assortment, handle all accounting operations with the Marketplace. The amount of commission varies from 2 to 7% depending on the range of goods and the volume of sales.
Prologima Maintenance
We will also charge you a small fixed monthly fee to cover the cost of software licenses and space on our servers. The amount of the fee depends on the number of products you list and varies between 500 and 2,000 CZK. The price includes access to reporting for one user, each additional user costs 220 CZK. We use Microsoft licenses for Power BI, if you already have a license, the monthly fee will be reduced.

Selling services in the Marketplace

(delivery costs, payment costs)
Selling price for services
- Transport costs
- Packaging costs
- Storage costs
Transport costs
The cost of transport depends mainly on the type of transport used. Due to the high volumes we can offer you extremely advantageous rates, we concentrate on DPD carriers. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia you can use MALL DELIVERY shipping, in this case you will not have any shipping costs, but also all the income from the sales for shipping will remain in the Marketplace.
Packaging costs
Each order needs to be prepared and packed. Packaging costs are heavily dependent on the type and size of the goods, and you may also have special requirements for eco-friendly packaging, branded packaging material or adding gifts and samples. We will always prepare a customized quote according to your requirements.
Storage costs
Whether you use our fulfillment center or have your own warehouse with shipping, you need to take into account the cost of storing the goods that will be sold in the Marketplace. We can store small items and large items on pallets. We design and continuously monitor stock levels so that they are not unnecessarily large, while ensuring immediate availability of goods for customers.

The final price Prologima will pay you: Price for goods + Price for services

* Note: The final price for services may be negative, e.g. if the shipping will be free for customers or you will use MALL DELIVERY shipping

The billing period is usually one calendar month.

Approximate price calculation for goods from the category Household

Example: 1000 orders per month worth 1 080 000 CZK excluding VAT


1 000 000 CZK

Mall 17 % + 1000x 9 CZK

-179 000 CZK

Prologima 5 %

-50 000 CZK

Prologima Maintenance

-1 000 CZK

Total for goods

770 000 CZK



80 000 CZK


-70 000 CZK


-35 000 CZK


-45 000 CZK

Total for logistics

-70 000 CZK

Invoice price for goods
700 000 CZK
In the above example, you invoice us for CZK 700 000, the margin on the goods is 30%.
* Note: We always calculate all prices without VAT. For sales and payments in different currencies we follow the current exchange rate.
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Prologima Group s.r.o.
Kaprova 42/14, 110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Prologima Group s.r.o.
Kaprova 42/14, 110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
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